h.e. shows

Indie Fantasy Author

H.E. Shows (Shows like cows not TV shows) has always dreamed of being a best-selling fantasy author. Actually, her ultimate dream is to star in a TV or movie based on one of her novels. (Gotta have big dreams, kiddos!) She has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English from SNHU. Then, she went on to teach English for a year and a half at the high school level and two years at the middle school level. Although she enjoyed teaching (for the most part), she has decided to stay-at-home with her newest child. This will hopefully give her the time she wants to focus on becoming the author she’s always wanted to be. 

H.E. Shows currently lives in the Dallas area with her three wonderful children who take up a majority of the free time she believed she would be getting without a traditional job. You can follow H.E. Shows on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram at @h.e.shows.


Four sisters destined to fight to the death to become queen. Can they break the cycle of Season?


They’ve faced life and death, but now four sisters’ greatest threat might be each other. Will one crown destroy four lives?